Get Started with Construction IQ

Once Construction IQ has been enabled for your account, account administrators should follow these steps to get started:

  1. Set up your account and projects so the Classic BIM 360 Field or Next Generation Field Management, and Insight modules are active.

  2. Invite high-level management, such as the VP of Operations for your company, to the account as executives.

    This gives them access to the executive overview in Insight.

  3. Add project administrators to manage each project.

    Project administrators can then add members to projects and assign relevant roles. For example, adding a member with the role of Project Manager gives that person project administrator-level permissions and access to the project overview in Insight.

Note: To find out about enabling Construction IQ for your account, see questions 1 and 2 of the Construction IQ FAQs help topic.

Using Construction IQ to Assess Risk

The analytics generated by Construction IQ are displayed throughout the Insight module, particularly on the Risk, Design, Quality, and Safety tabs. These tabs provide an overview of all risk-related data.

To use Construction IQ to effectively assess daily risk, we recommend the following workflow:

  1. Each morning, check your Construction IQ data. Click Module Selector Insight.

  2. Review the cards on the Risk, Quality, and Safety tabs to identify the highest risk projects, subcontractors, and issues.

    Note: The data presented on each tab depends on your project module access and the permissions associated with your assigned role. For example, a user with an executive role has access to the executive overview. This overview includes specific versions of the Risk, Design, Quality, and Safety tabs, providing a cross-project view. Additionally, each tab can be customized per project member.
  3. Review the highest risk items and take action to address them.

    For example, discuss the highest risk issues for the day with the relevant subcontractor or foreman.

    Tip: Remember to close issues when the work is complete, since risk is recalculated each day based on open issues.