Clash Settings

Project administrators can use the Settings page in the Clashes tab to specify which models and objects are turned on for automatic clash. Removing unwanted or redundant content improves clash performance and reduces clash ‘noise’ on projects.

Note: When you create a coordination space, you can choose to turn automatic clash detection off for the whole space if needed.

Access Clash Settings

Only project administrators can access clash settings:

  1. Click the Clashes tab.

  2. Click the Settings drop-down.

  3. Click either Models or Object exclusions to open the relevant tab in the Clash Settings page.

    The Clash Settings page is split into the following three areas:

1. Clash Settings Header

The clash settings header contains a Run clash check button and coordination space drop-down which is accessible when you are in either of the Models and Object exclusions tabs:

Coordination space drop-down

Click the coordination space drop-down and select the coordination space you want to specify clash settings for. This will display the relevant models for that coordination space in the Models tab and the object exclusions created for that specific coordination space.

Run clash check

The Run clash check button and associated setting status badge will change depending on the state of clash settings.

2. Models Tab

The models tab allows you to turn specific models on or off for clash. This is useful as it allows you to turn off models which may not be relevant to clash or models which contain the same objects as another model in the coordination space. Use the checkboxes next to the model names to select or deselect models.

See the Turn Off Models for Clash help topic for details on the table of models and how to turn models on or off for clash.

3. Object Exclusions Tab

The objects exclusions tab allows you to exclude specific objects from models which are turned on for automatic clash. This means you don't have to include the whole model in clash if not desired.

See the Exclude Model Objects from Clash help topic for detailed steps.