Control menu

Found in the Rigging menu set.


Tag as Controller
Marks the selected object as an animation controller. Click a rig controller and select Tag as Controller to create a Controller node connected to the rig controller object.
Parent Controller
Designates the selected objects as Controllers and makes the last selected object Controller parent. For example, if you have a hand with a joint chain for a finger, select a finger joint a bit below, and one above it. Select Parent Controller to tag both joints as controllers, with the higher finger joint becoming the parent of the joint below.
Note: With Viewport 2.0, you can filter scenes for Controller objects independent of their type (NURBs, locator or shape) in the Display > Show submenu. See Working with Viewport 2.0.


Create Control Rig
Creates a Control rig for your character. For more information, see Create a Control Rig.

Character Set

Create Character Set
Creates a character set using the animated objects, parts of objects, or attributes that you selected. For more information, see Create character sets.
Select Control > Create Character Set > to set the Create Character Set Options.
Create Subcharacter Set
Creates a subcharacter set using bundles of related character set attributes that you selected.
Select Control > Create Subcharacter Set > to set the Create Subcharacter Set Options.
Character Mapper
Opens the Character Mapper window, which provides options to map animation from a source character to a target character.
For more information about the options, see Character Mapper.
Attribute Editor
Displays attributes on the selected object. For more information, see Attribute Editor.
Add to Character Set
Adds the selected attribute to the current character or subcharacter set.
Remove from Character Set
Removes the selected attribute from the current character or subcharacter set.
Merge Character Sets
Combines the selected character or subcharacter sets.
Select Character Set Node
This submenu lists all defined character sets. Select a character set from the list.
Note: The objects in the character set are not selected.
Select Character Set Members
This submenu lists only the objects that make up the character set.
Set Current Character Set
This submenu lists all defined character sets. Select a character set from the list to make it current.
Select Releationship Editor to open the Releationship Editor window. In the Character Editing mode, use the Releationship Editor to select a character set so that it is currently selected in the workspace.
Adds a translation and/or rotation redirection controls to the current character. The controls appear at the origin of the character. When a character is redirectable, you can change the translation and orientation of its already established (for example, motion capture) animation.
For more information, see Redirecting character animation and Redirect the motion of an animated character.
Select Control > Redirect > to set the Character Redirection Options.