Customizing the Hypershade Browser

To customize swatches in the Hypershade Browser

  1. Use the Hypershade Browser toolbar to view the swatches as icons or to view the swatches as text .
  2. In the Hypershade Browser toolbar, select among four swatch sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large.
    extra large
  3. In the Hypershade Browser tabs, dolly in (using the Alt + Right mouse, or Alt + Left + Middle mouse) to flip through the swatch sizes.
  4. Sort your swatches by name , by type , by creation time , or in reverse order using the icons in the Hypershade tab toolbar.

To create a new tab in Hypershade Browser

  1. Select Tabs > Create New Tab.
  2. Enter the name of the new tab. This name appears on the new tab in the Browser.

    Use names that indicate the content of the tab.

  3. Select a Tab Type and specify the corresponding options:

    Displays a collection of nodes in the current scene. When you select this tab, you must specify an option from the Show Nodes Which Are drop-down list.


    Displays files and/or directories on disk. When you select this tab type, the Create New Tab window expands to display the Root Directory option.

    Show Nodes Which Are

    For Scene tabs, select to display only certain node types within a specified tab.

    Root Directory

    For Disk tabs, either type the path name if you know it, or click the folder icon to browse through directories to select the directory where the items are stored.

    Only Show Files (Hide directory tree)

    For Disk tabs, turn this on or off to hide or show the directory tree. This is especially helpful if you find you routinely work with files located in one specific directory. You can switch between viewing directory folders or just the files within that directory.

  4. Click Create.

    For example, if you want to create a tab that displays only the special effects nodes of the scene, name it appropriately, select Post Process from the list, then click Create. Hypershade displays the Post Process nodes in the scene.

To filter nodes in the Browser

To filter nodes by type, select Show > Objects in the Browser toolbar and select from the available filters.

To filter nodes by name, enter the filter text in the text box. Use * as a wildcard.

At any given time, one or more of these filters can apply to each scene tab. Only nodes that pass all of the applied filters are displayed. You can clear filters at any time by clicking . The icon also reflects that filters have been applied. When no filters are applied, the icon appears as grey .