Build and create materials using the Hypershade

The Hypershade is made up of several panels that you can use to build and edit materials while instantly previewing your results.

A Node Editor tab is automatically created in the work area. This is where you create your shading networks.

The Hypershade includes the following panels by default, each of which helps to simplify your look development workflow and enable you to achieve your results faster:

Include other panels, such as the viewport, Render View, or the Outliner, as one of your panels by selecting from the Window menu and docking it into the Hypershade. You can further customize the layout of the Hypershade by undocking and rearranging the panels. See Customize your layout in the Hypershade. This allows you to cover your entire look development workflow within one editor.

Note: The Hypershade is specifically designed for creating shading networks. For workflows such as rigging, the Node Editor is the preferred editor.

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