Create and connect nodes in the Hypershade

Create nodes in a custom view optimized for look development, and connect them in a node editing interface.

Create nodes

You can create nodes in the Hypershade work area in one of three ways. The work area is the panel at the bottom of the Hypershade where you can build your shading graph.

When you first create a node, its most commonly used attributes are displayed (hotkey 4 mode in the Node Editor). You can use the 1, 2, 3, 4 hotkeys to switch between view modes as you would in the Node Editor. For more information about view modes, see Changing view modes in the Node Editor and Hypershade. The list of attributes displayed is determined by a Node Editor template that is associated with each shading node. See Node Editor templates.

Connect nodes

Connect nodes in the Hypershade work area as you would in the Node Editor. For example, you can click the source and destination ports to connect them; or, you can middle or left mouse-drag to create connection lines between your output and input attributes. Commonly used ports are exposed by default.

Alternatively, you can middle mouse-drag a node onto another to bring up a list of possible connections. Ctrl + middle mouse-drag a node onto another to create the default connection.

Remove a connection

To remove multiple connection lines, press Shift + Alt and drag through the connections that you want to delete.

To remove a single connection line, select it and press Backspace or Delete (Mac OS X).

Create multiple graphs

Create multiple tabs and graph a different network in each tab.

Click + beside the right-most tab to create a new tab. Right-click any tab for its Close Tab, Duplicate Tab and Rename Tab menu options. Left or middle mouse drag to re-order tabs.

Edit your shader graph in the Hypershade work area

You can graph the upstream, downstream, or both upstream and downstream connections of any render node using the , , and toolbar icons. See Show node connections for more information.

The Hypershade work area tool bar also allows you to edit your graph with functionality such as: adding selected nodes to graph, removing selected nodes from graph, toggling the swatch size of your node(s) and displaying the filter field of your node(s). See Hypershade work area toolbar for more information.