FAQ for Rendering Settings and Pricing

What are megapixels and how are they used?

A megapixel (MP) is one million pixels. The size of a frame in MPs contributes to the determine the price of a rendering job. To calculate the number of MPs in a frame, multiply the width and height values in the Render Settings window, then divide by 1 million.

Multi-frame renderings such as Solar Studies, Panoramas, Turntables, and Motion Studies consist of more than one frame. To calculate the total MPs in these renderings, multiply the MP in each frame by the number of frames. Panoramas require 6 frames.

What is the difference between Standard and Final render quality?

Standard quality gives you a rendering that is adequate for seeing the results of your render and is typically free to submit. Standard renderings are not necessarily of high enough quality to provide to a client as final presentation material, for example.

Final quality gives you a high quality rendering and requires using Flex Tokens or Cloud Credits to run the job.



What are Flex Tokens and Cloud Credits?

Flex Tokens were introduced in September 2021 and will eventually replace Cloud Credits. Learn more.

What will happen to my remaining balance of Cloud Credits?

As of March 29th 2022, Cloud Credits will not be granted or be available for purchase for most users. All existing Cloud Credits expire March 29th 2023, but remain available to use up to that date.

Cloud Credits will not be converted into Flex Tokens.

How do I purchase Flex tokens?

Visit Autodesk Flex to purchase Flex Tokens.

What is the price for submitting a rendering job?

The total price for submitting a rendering job displays on the Render Settings window and updates based on the number of MPs, quality setting, type of rendering, and whether Flex Tokens or Cloud Credits are used.

  • When using Flex Tokens, a Standard quality rendering job, up to 6 megapixels, is free.
  • When using Cloud Credits, a Standard quality rendering job, up to 1 megapixel, is free.

Are there fractional charges for rendering jobs?

No. The price for rendering jobs is always rounded to the nearest integer.

How do I purchase Flex Tokens or Cloud Credits?

Make purchases from the Flex site, Autodesk Account, Autodesk resellers, or Autodesk Direct Sales.

How many Flex Tokens or Cloud Credits do I have?

The amount available displays:

  • In My Renderings, next to your username
  • In the Credits Required section of the Render Settings window, when a rendering job is ready to submit
  • In your Autodesk Account. Find Reporting under the Management tab

My Flex Tokens or Cloud Credits disappeared. What happened?

Flex Tokens and Cloud Credits expire 12 months after the date of purchase.

If you are on a Shared account, there are multiple people submitting rendering jobs which impacts how many Flex Tokens or Cloud Credits are available.

How can students get unlimited Cloud Credits?

Register for a Student subscription. After registering, download the software you need, even if you have it already, to associate your Autodesk ID with a Student subscription.