Array Modifier UV Rollout

The Array modifier's UV rollout lets you control how UVs are applied to the clones in the selected array.


UV Method
Sets the UV method.
(Default) No changes are made to the clones' UVs.
Clone XYZ
Maps the X, Y, Z direction values to UVW values for the corresponding clone's UWV map.
Clone Number
Applies the clone number to the UVW values of the corresponding clone's UWV map.
Sets the UV map channel where the UVW values are applied.
When enabled, UVW values are normalized from 0 .0 to 1.0, based on the following:
  • The number of clones in XYZ direction (when Clone XYZ is the selected UV Method)
  • Total number of clones (when Clone Number is the selected UV Method)
When enabled, adds the UVW values to existing values from the source map.
Sets the source UV map channel when the UV Method is set to Additive.
Note: If this channel is the same as the destination channel, the original UVW value is overwritten.

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