Array Modifier

The parametric Array modifier lets you create arrays using multiple Distribution methods. Its expansive toolset includes transformation and randomization controls, and parameters to adjust material IDs and UV data.

With an expansive toolset and a location in the stack, the Array modifier provides additional flexibility not found in the Array command. Most importantly, this modifier is parametric, giving you the ability to adjust parameters after an array has been created.

The Array modifier is especially useful in a procedural modeling context. For example, you can create an array to quickly model detail or ornamentation:
When applied to a mesh or spline, the Array modifier creates clones based on the selected Distribution method. You can choose to duplicate and distribute clones using the following methods:

Notes and tips:

For best results with the Array modifier, keep the following in mind:
  • When using the Spline Distribution method or Surface Distribution method, cloning an array using Shift-drag produces unexpected results.

    After dragging, the clone is not placed at the cursor location. Instead, it's placed on top of the original array object, making it difficult to distinguish between the original array and the clone.

    Workaround: Create a clone of the array and a clone of the reference spline. Select the array clone and set the spline clone as its reference.


The following workflow examples highlight the different Distribution methods: