Create a set of chairs using the Array Modifier

The following workflow describes how to create a set of chairs using the Array modifier. It highlights the Grid Distribution method and uses several Array modifier rollouts to build and tweak the array.

Create a realistic grid

The Grid Distribution method lets you create a grid of chairs and adjust its spacing.

  1. Create or import a single chair model.
  2. Select the chair.
  3. In the Modify panel, select Array from the Modifier List.
  4. In the Distribution rollout, set the following:
    • Distribution method: Grid
    • Layout method: Relative Offset
    • Count X: 10
    • Count Y: 8
    • Offset X: 1.2
    • Offset Y: 1.5
    These parameters create a 10 x 8 grid of chairs with space between the chairs (Offset X) and the rows (Offset Y). In this workflow, setting the Offset parameters is an important step in creating a realistic array. Without them, there would be no space for leg room or people's elbows when they sit side by side.

Introduce randomizations

You can use the Randomization rollout to introduce randomizations that make slight adjustments to some of the chairs.

  1. In the Randomization rollout, set the following:
    • Apply To: 50
    • Position X: 0.1
    • Position Y: 0.05
    • Rotation Z: 5.0
  2. Now half of the chairs are slightly askew:

Apply color to your set of chairs

  1. In the Material ID rollout, set the following:
    • From: 4
    • To: 8

    Now five different colors are randomly applied to the chairs.

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