Animation in SketchBook Pro

SketchBook Pro Desktop and SketchBook Motion are the only versions of SketchBook with animation tools. However, before we get into the differences, one thing to keep in mind is that any image created in SketchBook can be imported into either one of these animation packages, as a flattened image.

SketchBook Pro Desktop has FlipBook animation tools, such as keyframes and a timeline, to bring your images to life. With SketchBook Motion, you can turn an image into a moving story, add meaning to a presentation, build simple animated prototypes, design dynamic logos and ecards, create fun and engaging classroom projects, and enhance instructional content.

Animation in SketchBook Pro Desktop

Do you love FlipBook animation and want to create fun images that come to life? If so, try FlipBook! It is available to anyone running a desktop version of SketchBook.

You can check out some of our FlipBook tutorials by following the YouTube links below:

The all-new SketchBook - Flipbook - Part 1 [YouTube]

The all-new SketchBook - FlipBook - Part 2 [YouTube]

Different uses for animation

Have you ever used SketchBook to sketch a concept, annotated it, adding other sketches to try to get an idea across? Next time, create a FlipBook. Imagine sending someone a sketch that comes to life to better illustrate your concept. With FlipBook, you can create cell animation, a prototype, or proof of concept.

Example of animation created with SketchBook's FlipBook animation

One user Andrew G. Thomas used FlipBook to create this short Chasing Christmas on Vimeo.

Animation in SketchBook Motion

SketchBook Motion was named iPad App of the Year for 2016. Available as a separate download from iTunes.


Available exclusively on 64-bit iPad Air gen 1+, iPad Pro gen 1+, and iPad mini gen 2+.

School of Fish by Rae Morris is SketchBook Motion

For Welcome to Motion in other languages, check out the following links:

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App Store editors gave the following reason for why SketchBook Motion was selected as Best iPad App of the Year:

Animation is anything but easy. That is, unless you’re using our 2016 iPad App of the Year. SketchBook Motion’s first trick is ditching insider terms like “keyframe” and “timeline” — instead opting for wonderfully natural words like “wind” and “rain”. It’s SO much easier for us to wrap our heads around, and the simple tutorials and excellent samples help, too. Of course, it’s got Apple Pencil support – it even offers an iMessage App so we can share animation in a flash.

Bring life to your images! Create beautiful animated scenes, communicate simple to complex concepts, or just have fun! With SketchBook Motion, add lively effects or subtle movement to your still illustrations. Watch as elements move, multiply, and grow. Combine these easy effects to create endless possibilities, adding meaning and emotion to your work.

Entertain or communicate

Create from scratch or use existing images

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